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Opening hours: 8am to 5pm
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Charcot Foot Treatment

Charcot Foot Reconstruction

What is a Charcot Foot?

Charcot foot is  condition on the feet that causes weakening bones for people with diabetes and significant nerve damage. The feet are slowly start to swell and bones are weak enough to break. This is a serious condition that can lead to permeant disability, deformity and in some cases foot needs to be amputated.  

Causes for Charcot Foot

A common cause for Charcot foot is neuropathy. Neuropathy is the numbness, weakness and pain from nerve endings of hands and feet. A common indicator of problems begins at the feet, where pain and injury are likely to occur. Symptoms may include warmth, redness, swelling, pain, change of foot shape,  and numbness. 

Treatment for Charcot Foot

Treatment for Charcot foot comes in two different categories, non-surgical and surgical treatments. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the problem getting worse and more complications down the line. 

Non-surgical treatment

The first non-surgical treatment and recommendation for Charcot foot is to get the weight off of the infected foot or area known as offloading. This prevents pressure to the area and provides relief from inflammation. This will also stop the deformity from growing. Crutches, walkers or a wheelchair can be used for daily tasks to avoid putting pressure and weight on the affected area. Comfortable footwear is also recommended as a preventable measure.

Surgical treatment

The second case for treatment for Charcot foot is surgery. Surgery is recommended for patients who have severe or likely to have severe deformities that are at risk. If untreated, feet can be permanently discolored and deformed in which it may develop a foot ulcer or in rare cases it may be amputated. Once advanced to completing surgery, the patient will have to avoid putting full weight on the affected area to heal. 

Charcot Foot Treatment in Los Angeles

The Wound Institute of America in Los Angeles has the best treatment plan for Charcot foot patients. If a patient comes in with a current Charcot foot diagnosis, he/she will be met with world class treatment from physicians, surgeons and podiatrists to heal the complex wound or have the best medical outcome for the wound. 

If your looking for Charcot foot treatment plan in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Long Beach, Pasadena., then please visit us at Wound Institute of America in the Los Angeles County for appointment or questions.

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