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Opening hours: 8am to 5pm
Los Angeles, CA

Skin Grafts

Skin Graft Treatment

What is Skin Graft?

A skin graft is a patch of  an area of a skin that is removed for re-patching another part of the body during surgery due in response to a skin infection, huge burn, bed sore, large wound, and skin cancer. There are two types of skin grafts, these are split-thickness and full-thickness grafts. The skin graft can be taken from any part of the body and be transplanted. To help the graft heal, the area that was attached will be given a week without mobility for the blood vessels to begin grow from the tissue and bond the external skin towards the infected area.

How to Prepare for Skin Grafting

Before Surgery

For skin grafting, you will have proper testing that includes chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, and blood tests. The doctor will explain everything needed to prepare for surgery day such as what to drink and eat. 

During Surgery

During surgery day, wake up early as many surgeries are conducted in the morning. You should bring all the medicine you are taking to the surgery center and follow directions of the doctors at the surgery center. An anesthesiologist will be appointment to provide directions for the medicine to fall asleep during the surgery. Make sure all your questions are answered before signing the consent form.

After Surgery

After surgery, you may be disoriented due to the anesthesia. You will be placed in a room for monitoring to make sure your heart and breathing is at normal levels. An adult would be required to be with you take you home for rest and recovery. The donor area for skin graft usually takes 1-2 weeks for pain to disappear.

Skin Graft Treatment in Los Angeles

The Wound Institute of America in Los Angeles has the doctors for skin grafting. If a patient comes in for a skin graft,  he/she will be met with world class treatment from physicians, surgeons and podiatrists to heal the skin.

If your looking for skin graft treatment in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Long Beach, Pasadena, then please visit us at Wound Institute of America in the Los Angeles County for appointment or questions.

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