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How Do I Care For Wound After Cyst Removal | Updated 2024

Cyst Removal Surgery

What is a Skin Cyst?

A skin cyst is a sac-like fluid filled with keratin that may form anywhere in the body, mostly due to the blockage in the body’s drainage system. Common types of cysts include epidermoid cysts and sebaceous cysts. Cysts are not as dangerous as a tumor, but it’s recommended to remove it if the area of the cyst is growing in size or causing pain. 

Treatment is fairly simple with a professional surgeon removing the cyst my excision. While cyst removal is simple in theory, the recovery and risks associated with cysts need prominent care. Whether a cyst needs extra treatment depends on the location of the cyst, type of cyst, pain level and infection level. It’s important to follow up with a doctor before and after surgery.

How to Take Care of Cyst After Surgery?

When you finish your Cyst removal surgery, your doctor will create an aftercare instruction with recommendations for full recovery. Even Though you can get back to regular life the next, it’s important to take care of the infected area for full recovery.

Recommendations for full recovery after Cyst removal surgery include:

  • Have an Adult stay with you during the first 24 hours
  • Rest your body and do not do any heavy lifting for a few days
  • Use any medicine directed such as antibiotics
  • Keep area around the incision clean with hot water and soap
  • Change  bandage regularly
  • Follow up with doctor

Do Cysts Come Back?

If you are having surgery to have the cyst removed, then it is highly unlikely for the cyst to re-appear unless it becomes infected again.It is important to follow all after-care instructions to have the best recovery without any infection to arise. Unfortunately, there is no known medication to prevent the cyst from developing anywhere on the body. In some cases if the cyst is small, doctors may use laser therapy to remove the cyst.

Cyst Removal Specialists in Los Angeles

If you have any more questions about cysts, cyst recovery and cyst removal then contact our cyst removal specialists at Wound Institute of America. We have had hundreds of cyst removal surgeries and may answer any question that you may have about your cyst. You can contact us with the form below or call us at 310-919-4179 for more information.

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